Friday, December 4, 2015

November 22-24 Elder and Sister Clark Visit the Mission

Elder and Sister Kim B. Clark's Visit 

It was a great blessing to have Elder and Sister Clark visit the mission!  They taught in missionary conferences over a two-day period.

One important thing that Elder Clark taught was four things that make a great missionary. He emphasized that it's not based on personality... Anyone can do it!  The 4 things are:  1) Deep obedience--which is obedience in not only the rules, but in attitude and desires; 2) Hard work--meaning not just work hard, but study hard, pray hard, do everything with energy and persistence; 3) Have the Spirit of the Lord--do those things that keep the Spirit, and avoid those things that drive it away--resulting in a spirit of optimism and an expectation that the Lord will bless us; and 4) Love the people--focus outward in love.

One important thing that Sister Clark taught was to "Be where you are supposed to be, when you're supposed to be there."  This includes doing the will of the Lord, not our own will--not saying "no" to the Lord at any point, but following His way and His will.

Many missionaries have talked about the good results they're experiencing through putting into practice things they learned from Elder and Sister Clark.