Monday, October 14, 2013

October 9 Arriving Missionaries!

From left:  Elder Robbs, Elder Burr, Elder Westergreen
Welcome!  We're so glad you're here!

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 2 Arriving Missionaries!

Back left: S. Chamberlain, S. Fatani, S. Gillson, S. Hart, S. Jamieson, S. Kim.
Front left: S. Teruaotu, S. Shute, S. Young

Back left: E. Afualo, E. Ceron, E. Chaney, E. Cox, E. Hollingshead, E. Kinney, E. Knight, E. Larkin,
E. Lythgoe.  Front left: E. Martin, E. Maughan, E. Neilson, E. Okerlund, E. Pak, E. Pickett, E. Ransbottom, E. Smith, E. Tart, E. Teela, E. Waite.

Welcome to the California Los Angeles Mission!

October 1 Departing Missionaries

Outside the Temple

Back left: E. Cressman, E. Roberts, E. Reeves, E. Behnke, E. Finnell, E. Alsop
Front left: E. Rosales, S. Lagos, S. Set, S. Stevens, S. Talataiga

At the Mission Home

We will miss you!!

September 17th New Arrivals

Welcome Elders!
Elder Wilson

Elder Gillman

Elder and Sister Richards' Mission Visit

From left, President and Sister Weidman, Sister Marsha Richards, and Elder Kent F. Richards of the Second Quorum of the Seventy.
Elder and Sister Richards blessed our mission by meeting with every zone.  They taught us about obedience, teaching plainly and simply, and the four cornerstones on which our faith rests:   first, Jesus Christ, the Son of God; second, the First Vision; third, the Book of Mormon; and fourth, the Priesthood with its powers and authority.  We are so grateful for their visit and the lift they brought to our mission!

Book of Mormon Reading

The California Los Angeles Mission has the goal of every missionary re-reading the Book of Mormon before December 22nd.  Then we will have a Christmas devotional and share with one another our testimonies and what we've learned from this reading of the Book of Mormon.  The following is our reading schedule for each day.  We'd love for you to read along with us!

September 10-13 Zone Conferences

South Bay Zone

Kent Zone

Peninsula Zone

Marina Zone

Athens Zone

Metro Zone

International Zone

Griffith Zone

Coliseum Zone

Central Zone

Downey Zone