Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 21 Arriving Missionaries

Today the Los Angeles Mission received 39 new missionaries!  Hurray!!

 Sisters from first airport run!  S. Ellis, S. Morgan, S. Oakes, S. Schvaneveldt.

First group of elders!  Back row from left:  E. Bosen, E. Christensen, E. Cocker, E. Ganoe, E. Hamblin, E. Mosile, E.  Nelson.  Front row:  A. Piangnee, E. Quinn, E. Rich, E. Shepherd, E. Stout, E. Summerhays, E. Ortiz Tovar.

Second group of sisters! S. Koroitamana, S. Matheson, S. Tanton.

Second group of elders!  Back row from left: E. Bradshaw, E. Cloward, E. Edwards, E. Fish, E. Foster, E. Green, E. Hatch, E. Jaques, E. Keller.  Front row: E. Light, E. Manortey, E. Mayhew, E. McCarthy, E. Miller, E. Millett, E. Velasquez, E. Watts, E. Yang

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 20 Departing Missionaries

At Los Angeles Temple:  E. Brinton, E. Blackham, E. Richards, E. Moore, E. Hsiao, S. Snyder, S. Cho, S. Baeza, E. Depew, E. Boyd, E. Jensen, E. Peters, E. Yeom. 

Dinner and testimony meeting at the Mission Home.  Back row from left: E. Depew, E. Boyd, E. Jensen, E. Richards, E. Moore, E. Hsiao. Middle row: E. Blackham, E. Yeom, E. Brinton, E. Peters. Front row: S. Snyder, S. Cho, S. Baeza.  

We will miss you all!!

August 17 Good Housekeeping Awards

Way to go to S. Abellan, S. Bateman, S. Rackleff, S. Crofts, S. Camacho, S. Young, E. Lee, E. Jenkins!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Come learn about the free English classes taught by our missionaries in the Los Angeles area!

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