Monday, October 27, 2014

October 14 Departing Missionary Dinner and Testimony Meeting

At the Mission Home

Back row from left: Elders Ross, Rojas, Arsenault, Marin, Tramel, Roberts, and Butler
Front row: Sisters Harrison, Pillar, Petersen, Smith, Lyman, and Uele

We remember "their journeyings in the land...their sorrows, and their afflictions, and their incomprehensible joy...  And now may the Lord, the Redeemer of all men, bless their souls forever."
                                                                                                               (Alma 28:8)

October 13 Arriving Missionaries!

At the Westwood Chapel, on Temple Hill

From left: Sisters Bastian, Bergeson, Bown, Bravo, Peterson, Rivera, and Seo

Back row from left: Elders Babo, Chidester, Doh, Fierro, and Mielke
Front row: Elders Pierce, Solano, Sugden, and Wirick

Welcome to the California Los Angeles Mission!!

October 10 Departing Missionaries Temple Day

Back row from left: E. Butler, E. Marin, E. Ross
Middle row: E. Tramel, E. Rojas, E. Arsenault
Front row: S. Uele, S. Petersen, S. Smith, S. Lyman, S. Harrison 

In front of the Los Angeles Temple