Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 16 Mission Leadership Training

We loved meeting with these missionary leaders!

July 10 New Arrivals

Just arrived from the airport!  Welcome to our wonderful new missionaries!

From left: E. Wright, E. Nelson, E. Lui, E. Rawson, E. Valdez, E. Singh-Sahota, E. Sullivan, E. Parsons, E. Taylor, E. Murray, E. Cockriel, E. Puertas, E. Martin, E. Fry, E. Tafisi.

S. Dopp, S. Montini, S. Black, S. Abellan Pardo, S. Call, S. Nottle, S. Foutz, S. Forbush

July 9 Departing Missionaries

After temple session.  From top left, E. Taggart, E. Penrod, E. Winterrose, S. Mueller, S. Cole, E. Nightingale, E. Olsen, E. Casper, E. Gonzalez, E. Concepcion, E. Jones.  Bottom row, E. Auna, E. Dudragne, E. Francisco, E. Cooper, E. Ramos, E. Garrett, E. Ditton

We will miss you all.  Thank you so much for your service!

July 6 Good Housekeeping Luncheon

Congratulations to E. Fisher, E. Williams, S. Ford, S. Howell, E. Ericksen, E. Phelps, E. White, E. Buonforte. Making your parents proud!

June 27 Transfer Day!

President and Sister Weidman with President and Sister Baker. Our sincere thanks to President and Sister Baker for their 3 years of dedicated service to the missionaries and to the Lord.