Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July 22 Departing Missionaries Dinner and Testimony Meeting

At the Mission Home

Back from left: S.Eastman, S.Ostler, S.Walker, S.Robinson, and S.Zollinger
Front left: S.Foster, S.Landon, S.Rackleff, S.Burbank, S.Burr, and S.Warner

Back from left: E.Pollard, E.Low, E.J.Egbert, E.Bauman, E.Petrie
Front left: E.Marrott, E.Mandaza, E.Pierce, E.Williams, E.Fidler, E.Street, E.Palomino, E.A.Egbert, E.Kpainay, and E.Guerrero

We will miss you......

Live true to the faith!

July 21 Arriving Missionaries!

We welcome 20 new missionaries from the Provo MTC and Mexico City CCM!

From left: Elders Burnside, Dallimore, DeMond, Dunn, Gale, Hunsaker, Prugue, and Reynolds

Back from left: Sisters Baek, Ballard, Buys, Chae, DuPaix, Faumuina
Front left: Sisters Franks, Heron, Moulton, Nagano, Nauta, Wehrhahn

July 18 Departing Missionaries at the Temple

An amazing group of missionaries in front of the Los Angeles Temple

From back left: Elders Marrott, Guerrero, Fidler, Street, Mandaza, A.Egbert, Palomino, Kpainay, Bird
Middle left: Elders Pierce, Petrie, Pollard, Bauman, Kimball, Williams, Boyd, J.Egbert, Low
Front: Sisters Burbank, Blair, Robinson, Burr, Zollinger, Foster, Eastman, Landon, Ostler, Walker, Rackleff, Warner, Wright