Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 3 Zone Conference

At the Huntington Park Stake Center

Los Angeles 2 Zone

Huntington Park 1 Zone

Huntington Park 2 Zone

Visitors Center Sisters attending on this day

July 2 Zone Conference

At the Santa Monica Stake Center

Inglewood Zone

Los Angeles 1 Zone

Santa Monica Zone

July 1 Zone Conference

At the Palos Verdes Stake Center

International Zone

Torrance Palos Verdes Zone

Torrance North Zone

From left: President and Sister Weidman, Sister Turcios and Sister Bergeson from the Visitors Center,
Sister and Elder Roe, and Sister and Elder Belliston

Monday, July 13, 2015

June 23 Departing Missionary Dinner and Testimony Meeting

At the Mission Home

Back row from left: Elders Rich, Bosen, Piangnee, Valdez, Wright, Stout, Quinn, Puertas
Middle row: Elders Sullivan, Keller, Blomburg, Gillman, Sisters Gomez and Vasquez, Elders Johnson, Larkin, Summerhays, Christensen, and Taylor
Front row: Sisters Mahina, Pinto, and Montgomery

We love and miss you!

"And these are they who have published peace,
who have brought good tidings of good,
who have published salvation...
And O how beautiful upon the mountains are their feet!"

    Mosiah 15:14-15

June 22 Arriving Missionaries!

Welcome to the California Los Angeles Mission!

From left: Sisters Abeu, Bortone, Bosch, Clark, Erickson, Lau, Okuhara, and Wadsworth

From left: Elders De Spain, Duncan, Fraatz, Guerrero, Lozada, Porter, Rodriguez, Sorcia, and Zabriskie

June 19 Departing Missionaries Temple Session

Outside the Temple

Back row from left: Elders Johnson, Valdez, Wright, Sullivan, Christensen, Blomburg, and Bosen
Middle row: Elders Keller, Larkin, Puertas, Taylor, Piangnee, Stout, Gillman, Quinn, Rich, Summerhays
Front row: Sisters Vasquez, Mahina, Pinto, Montgomery, and Gomez

In front of the Los Angeles Temple

Back row from left: Elders Rich, Quinn, Valdez, Wright, Stout, Christensen, Johnson, and Blomburg
Middle row: Elders Keller, Larkin, Puertas, Taylor, Piangnee, Sullivan, Gillman, Summerhays, and Bosen