Friday, November 21, 2014

November 18 Departing Missionaries Dinner and Testimony Meeting

Testimony meeting at the Mission Home

Elders from left: Elders Lee, Martin, Kempton, Arambula, Heun, Mansell, Craner, and Jarnagin
Sisters from left: Sisters Son, Foutz, Djanie, Abellan, and Forbush 

Deep faith and high expectations -- forever

November 17 Arriving Missionaries!

On a sunny morning in Southern California, these missionaries arrive at LAX!

From left: Sisters Craven, Evans, Nikolaus, Ordaz, and Perez

From left: Elders Balmas, Delgado, Enfield, and Villanueva

Welcome, one and all!

November 14 Departing Missionaries Temple Session

At the Temple, north side
Elders from left: Elders Bowman , Ogilvie, Roberts, Jarnagin, Ward, Craner, Heun, Martin, Jenkins, Watson, Mansell, Lee, Kempton, and Arambula
Front row from left: Sisters Pillar, Foutz, Abellan, Djanie, Son, and Forbush

In front of the Los Angeles Temple

November 3 Arriving Missionary!

We welcome Elder Kuyoth, currently assigned Korean-speaking, 
to the California Los Angeles Mission!

October 31 Zone Conference

Huntington Park 2 Zone

Huntington Park 1 Zone

Inglewood 2 Zone

Inglewood 1 Zone

October 30 Zone Conference

Los Angeles 3 Zone

Los Angeles 2 Zone

Santa Monica Zone

Los Angeles 1 Zone

October 29 Zone Conference

Torrance North Zone

Torrance Zone

International Zone

Palos Verdes Zone