Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Photos of Some of the California Los Angeles Senior Missionaries and Couples!

Back row from right: Elder and Sister Hyer, Elder Evans, Elder Larsen, Elder Shakespear.
2nd row: Elder Kelley, Sister Evans, Elder Biddulph, Elder Hunt, Sister Shakespear, Elder Jensen, Elder and Sister Chandler.
Front row: Sister Kelley, Sister Biddulph, Sister Hunt, Sister Loveland, Sister Jensen, Sister Cook.

These missionaries work in Public Affairs, in the Family History Library, in the Visitors Center, and in the Mission Office.  Their work and their love add immeasurably to the mission and to the lives of many people!

Elder and Sister Harmon

Sister and Elder Hurley

Family History Library
Back row from right: Elder Larsen, Elder Livingston, Sister Clarke, Elder Hunt, Elder Evans.
Front row: Sister Larsen, Sister Livingston, Sister Cook, Sister Hunt, Sister Kelley, Sister Loveland.